The Good Stuff – November 2016

The November Blues are real, especially this November. Here in Sosh we may have daily sunshine instead of the shortening days in Scotland, but only for one more month. What with the state of the world, and the irritability and emotions of transition, we find ourselves needing to focus on the good. So here is some of the good stuff which is keeping us sane/happy/inspired in this strange season.

The Good Wife Season 5

We are always happily behind on box sets (no Netflix here!), as they come to us from charity shops or via friends. The intensity of The Good Wife allowed for some blatant escapism. The ups and downs of this season led to some binge watching, which currently means 2 episodes – sleep is just too precious with a baby around!

Assimilate or Go Home by D. L. Mayfield

Ah, there is definitely a whole post to be written about this book. But in the meantime I can say we’ve both been challenged and encouraged. D. L. Mayfield writes about the realities of seeking to live out our faith by living alongside the marginalised. In her case, she shares life with refugees in America who she writes about with respect and compassion. Her honest and vulnerable reflections on her motivations, beliefs and actions are discomforting, in the best sort of way. As we think about rebuilding our life in the next season, these words have reminded us of some of the values we want to be foundational: simplicity, community, celebration and friendship.

Brian McLaren’s Interview on Nomad Podcast

We’ve been long-time listeners of Nomad Podcast and their discussions about Christian community, mission and the future of the church. In Brian McLaren’s interview, he talked about the need for Christians to ‘re-understand ourselves as community organisers to equip people to do their inner (contemplative) and outer (activist) work’. He shared his vision to see ‘a movement of love and service and working for the common good’. There was also interesting chat about the role of doubts and questions in awakening us to harmful beliefs.

Baking and Eating Gingernuts

There’s comfort to be found in both baking and eating goodies. This was the third recipe Debbie had tried for Gingernuts and it’s the winner. Nom.

Bohnanza aka The Bean Game

Who knew beans could be so fun? We do love board games, but haven’t been making them happen recently. Our friend Sooz brought Bohnanza on her visit and we like it because it’s quick to set up (it’s a card game – no actual beans involved!), it’s easy to learn and uses just the right amount of brain space. And obviously jellybeans are the perfect gaming snack.

What is keeping you sane/happy/inspired these days?

One thought on “The Good Stuff – November 2016

  1. jelly beans… and feta black pepper popcorn… i’ve been scouring the shops here for anything as tasty in the popcorn stakes. 🙂

    nice list!

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