The fog of transition


As you may have noticed we have been fairly quiet here blog recently. Those of you who regularly read our thoughts will know that we have been going through a season of transition. Since we made the decision to leave South Africa and return to Scotland we have been steadily working through the different phases; planning the leaving process, packing, intentionally appreciating the final moments, saying our goodbyes, switching between cultures, unpacking, being in a liminal space, starting a new job, moving house, and beginning the process of understanding our new location and routine.

I finally feel like I’m moving out of the fog of transition. Starting to have the brain space to think towards the future. Moving away from the strange sense of floating through each day. I feel like my feet are starting to touch the ground of possibilities in this new season. Now I can see that I’ve been operating in survival mode. I’m beginning to see as fog starts to clear.

This morning I was listening to a song that has the lyrics “And through it all, through it all my eyes are on You”. The songwriter is referring to how through all things, the ups and downs, their eyes are focussed on God. To be honest this wasn’t true for me. During this transition process it has been my left side of my brain that has been working the hardest: the rational and pragmatic side of me. The right side, where I’m able to embrace the mystery in life, the idea of God, and my emotional connection to Him, was neglected.

This doesn’t mean that God wasn’t there and with us. As I start to think back through the fog I see the love of God through all the people who encouraged us, listened to us, and helped us through this time. We have been lucky to have family and friends around who have supported us through this season in emotional and practical ways. Grace abounds through each of them.

So now here I am. Living in the east end of Glasgow, Scotland. Teaching Secondary chemistry again. Starting to get involved in the local community. And beginning to see how hope can breathe in this new chapter.

– P


2 thoughts on “The fog of transition

  1. so truthful- I think we always hope (at least I do) that we’ll take the opportunity afforded by transition and change to focus more on God… and yet quite often we’re overwhelmed by our humanity and don’t fully seize the liminal spaces. Thin spaces come and go, and it’s often only in reflection and hindsight that we recognise where God is and what we’re doing together.
    Glad you’re beginning to feel settled! 🙂

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