Breathing In & Breathing Out

We are big fans of Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild, I think the sense of adventure and the radically simple lifestyles appeal to us. In the episode we watched this week, Ben Fogle visited a British man living on a tiny Cambodian island with his family. His job was to protect the surrounding ocean from illegal trawlers. He was motivated by a love of the ocean and its sealife, and his family took their caretaking of the island seriously, picking rubbish off the shore each day.

I was inspired by this family, by the way that they had claimed that little patch of the world to look after. They believed in their mission to protect and maintain their tiny island. Sometimes the bad news can seem overwhelming, both on a personal and national level. The contribution of my own hands and heart feel so insignificant. But I need to believe that they make a difference, or I would easily just give up caring. I recently heard leadership defined as being ‘intentional with our influence’ (on this podcast). Clarity is required to know where my responsibilities and influence lie, and in this season they are often constrained by the walls of our home.

It’s not a new message, the potential impact of our small actions, but I forget so easily. We are starting a new series ‘Breathing In & Breathing Out’ where different folk will share their practices of engaging in the world while caring for their own souls. I need to hear the stories, to keep believing in the impact our lives can make. I also need the reminder to pause and breathe in, or I won’t have anything to give out. May we all inhale and be nourished as we seek to engage and influence our corners of the world.

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8 thoughts on “Breathing In & Breathing Out

  1. looking forward to hearing the stories! I’m also intrigued by that TV show- not one that’s crossed my radar yet! 🙂

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