Living Balanced

Paul shares about balance in our Breathing In & Breathing Out series.

The older I get the more I realise the need to be balanced. As a social introvert I’m happy to be amongst people interacting and spending time with them. However, this requires me to give a lot of energy and so I will need time to recuperate by myself.

Breathing in and doing things to give me energy are necessary for me to be able to fully breathe out and give myself to the world. With this in mind I structure my week so that I’m doing activities that fully engage my body, soul and mind.

Regular exercise allows me to stay fit and deal with any stress or tension. After reading Lisa’s post and having conversations with friends I’ve started doing yoga alongside my normal running, biking, and bouldering. When I’m free of stress or worry then I’m able to think clearly and tap more into my soul, that side of me that connects to the mystery of spirituality.

Reading about two of my passions, science and theology, challenges me and pushes me into living a life that has more understanding and meaning. This helps me to grow in clarity about the depth, breadth and beauty of life fuelling me to interact with the world.

My up and down journey of faith and dialogue with God has shaped my values and vision for life. Interacting with the Bible and the person of Jesus has led me to live in various places and be part of different communities where I have chosen to breathe out and become involved.

Trying to support those on the margins of society, hosting different people in our home, teaching about faith and science are some of the ways I breathe out. I’m lucky to have a job that I’m passionate about, to live in an area where I’m able to interact with people from all sorts of backgrounds and be part of a church that is outward looking.

In our neighbourhood I hope to build relationships, to pray blessing and hope on my local streets, to join the conversations of community groups. I am also part of a church team renovating a closed down pub into a safe space for holistic transformation.

When my balance in breathing becomes lop-sided it comes out in my mood, attitude and health. I intentionally ensure that I’m breathing in and out well and fully so that I’m able to flourish.

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  1. That was very meaningful to me. Just this morning on our St. John’s staff team morning Devotions I had brought such a matter up about something to be thankful for and I had detailed how thankful I am for health and well-being. I lead a busy voluntary commitment life to Church and have learned that even though I am in a voluntary role I need to pace myself and get the work life balance right. I therefore work hard at committing to my exercise routine at the gym….which works….and to times of relaxation. I also have my piano lessons and piano playing and my reading and learning on history. Therefore……your article on such Balanced Living is encouraging and an endorsement of what I do.

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