Pocket Prayers

Over the last 7 months Tuesday nights at the Ignatian Spirituality Centre have felt like mini retreats. I drank tea uninterrupted, there was quiet (even silence) and I had time alone to process and pray. I was refreshed and inspired by these evenings as I learned about ‘Growth Through Prayer and Reflective Living‘. I’m left with questions about how to apply these lessons to my Real Life, where silence, solitude and stillness are rare. I know how good these Tuesday nights have been for my soul, and I’m trying to find ways to sustainably bring this into my everyday. Our everyday has become so different too: this is a good time to experiment with new rhythms, to find snatched moments of soul connection and to nurture ourselves.

Pocket Prayers started as a weekly discussion with a group of mums at church where we discussed how to combine spiritual practices with mum life. An hour of prayer/meditation is hard to come by, but we can grab a few minutes here and there and like pocket change it’ll all add up. Each Pocket Prayer is based on an object we’ll find close by in our bag or pocket. Follow along for simple soul practices or exercises that we can use to breathe in and connect with God.

So what’s in our bag?

Pen – Journalling

Pennies – Breath Prayers

Tissues – Feelings in Prayer

Receipts – Reflective Prayer/ Prayer of Examen

Headphones – Holy Reading/ Lectio Divina

Diary – Our Rhythm of Life

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