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The packet of tissues represents our feelings, which are in abundance in these Covid-19 days. Loss, joy, frustration, boredom, peace, despair, loneliness. Some of us live in our feelings and others completely ignore them. I’m much better at tuning into everyone else’s feelings rather than my own.

“Feelings are God’s means of knocking on the door and asking for a conversation” (unknown author)

In Ignatius Spirituality we are taught to pray with our feelings: naming them and bringing them before God in conversation. I have returned to this exercise as I’ve processed the news of my twin pregnancy and current world events. I wrote out a list of all the competing feelings I could recognise in the weeks after finding out we were having twins. At the end of my journaling time I felt like God was saying ‘there is space for all of these’. It was healing to acknowledge, name and accept all of the emotions.

Praying with our Feelings

– Name a strong feeling from the past week, try to be specific.
– Journal about the feeling: what lay beneath it? How did you respond? What were the consequences? How does it appear reflecting back?
– Reflect with God about the feeling: How does He feel about it? What is His invitation to you in this? Have a conversation with God about what emerges.

Thanks to the Ignatian Sprituality Centre in Glasgow for this exercise.

‘Give yourself a few moments…to simply pay attention to what might be happening in the unseen places of your soul.’

Emily P. Freeman from Episode 6 of The Next Right Thing Podcast ‘Know the Power of Naming’

This post is part of our Pocket Prayers series.

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